Risk and Compliance

The Risk and Compliance Department of ​​CRESCERA INVESTIMENTOS is independent of the operational and asset management areas, reporting directly to the Executive Committee, which is responsible for defining the policies, controls and guidelines to be followed by the company’s professionals.

The Risk and Compliance Committee is composed of the Head of the area, a Director representing the asset management areas and the members of the Risk and/or Compliance team, depending on the Committee’s agenda. This Committee meets every six months, or whenever necessary, upon convocation by any of its members, and is necessarily installed with the presence of the Head of Risk and Compliance (or its substitute representing one of these areas).

The Risk and Compliance area actively participates in the entire investment process of a portfolio company, from origination to exit, in order to ensure that invested companies have the highest ethical and integrity standards.

One of the main missions of the Risk and Compliance area is the promotion of an organizational culture with strict principles of governance, which demonstrates and emphasizes the importance of internal controls with the purpose of preventing activities and conducts that may cause risks to the institution, clients and other stakeholders.

At CRESCERA, we cherish the presence of ethical professionals, compliance with current legislation, respect for our customers, our team, the environment and all those involved in the construction of our business. The professional relationships here are based on respect for differences, on fair and equal treatment. We do not compromise with any type of irregularity or fraudulent act, and we expect our team to always act with honesty, transparency, respect and integrity, in order to contribute to sustainable growth.

In order to comply with the regulations in force and to give greater transparency to our investors, we provide some information from CRESCERA in the attached documents.