Private Equity

CRESCERA INVESTIMENTOS’ private equity funds have produced superior returns to public equity indices through a strategy of investing in leading Brazilian mid-sized companies with significant growth opportunities, both organic and through sector consolidation, assisting them to identify and implement operational and governance improvements and preparing them to become candidates from IPOs or strategic sales to corporate of financial buyers. CRESCERA INVESTIMENTOS’ specific industry knowledge of the sectors in which it invests allows it to add value to investee companies and to act as the “Partner of Choice” for entrepreneurs and executives seeking to accelerate growth and improve profitability.

The Private Equity investment strategy at CRESCERA INVESTIMENTOS is based on five main pillars:

  • Growth Capital

    Primarily cash-in investments to accelerate growth

    Focus on companies with good track records, management teams and brand names

  • Detailed Industry Know-How

    Target sectors of the Brazilian market where we have differentiated expertise and industry knowledge:

    • Consumer & Retail
    • Specialty Services
    • Asset-ligh Logistics
    • Healthcare
    • Education
  • Mid-Sized Companies

    Primarily investments in middle market and family owned companies

    Willingness to acquire minitory stakes, but always as part of the control group, allows us to partner with existing shareholders

  • Value Creation

    Extensive up front work before investing to identify clear levels of post-investment value creation

    Active participation through Board seats and committees to create value

    Focus on implementing strategies for top line growth, margin expansion and multiple enhancement

  • Differentiated Access To Deals

    Vast network of relationships with leading market executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers

    Recognized differentiated ability to add value to invested companies is a key factor in attaining more attractive entry valuations than the competition