Venture Capital

The Venture Capital platform at Crescera Investimentos focuses on investments in emerging and startup companies through two funds, Criatec 2 and the BR Education Ventures Fund.

Crescera Investimentos acts as the local (domestic) manager of Criatec 2, a fund set up by the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) to promote investment and accelerated growth in innovative companies through the implementation of good management practices and development of corporate governance.

Additionally, Crescera Investimentos launched in partnership with the German media company, Bertelsmann AG, the first venture capital fund in Brazil focused on education technology companies. By leveraging their experiences within the education sector, Crescera Investimentos and Bertelsmann seek investment opportunities to promote the advancement of digital media platforms in the education sector. The investment thesis of the BR Education Ventures fund is based on the following main principles:

  • Explore opportunities through the arrival of Digital Media to the Education Sector (Transmedia Education)

  • Development of new technologies for the Creation and Distribution of content

  • Leverage the advancement of teaching and learning methodologies and processes

  • Seize the opportunities generated by the universalization of quality

  • Constant search for an adaptive learning system