The Company

CRESCERA INVESTIMENTOS is an independent asset management firm focused on private equity and venture capital with approximately R$ 2.3 billion of AUM. Founded by professionals with extensive background in the Brazilian financial markets, CRESCERA has a strong track record of creating value for entrepreneurs, business owners and investors alike. CRESCERA is structured as a partnership, emphasizing talent retention, meritocracy and ethical practices. The company’s governance is overseen by senior executive partners, who seek to bring the same values and practices to our investee companies. Our investment decision making process is focused on maximizing return for our investor clients by assisting leading entrepreneurs in developing their business into world class companies.


The investment professionals at CRESCERA INVESTIMENTOS believe that long term value creation and differentiated returns can be achieved by focusing on areas where we have a proven industry expertise, and by combining that expertise with capital to build companies into regional or national leaders. CRESCERA meets the complex demand of sophisticated investors with global governance standards and a focus on implementing ESG principles. At CRESCERA, our competitive advantage consists of the combination of solid knowledge of Brazilian markets with deep industry expertise in the education, consumer, retail, services, healthcare, logistics, innovation and technology sectors. CRESCERA seeks to position itself as the “Partner of Choice” for leading Brazilian entrepreneurs and family owned companies through our ability to add significant value through hands-on governance and strategic inputs.


With a focused approach, deep sector knowledge and specialized teams, CRESCERA INVESTIMENTOS has developed a differentiated ability to add value to portfolio companies, their entrepreneur owners and management teams.